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We think it’s important to tell you a little bit about who we are, and what we stand for.




We pride ourselves in giving you more then just a recap of your special day.  We embody emotions through moving images and voice-overs so you can relive it each time you watch.  Every film that leaves our studio ultimately ends up in your hands, which means you control our destiny.  Our business is all word of mouth.  we don’t pay for advertisements, buy e-mail list, or send out mailers.  We rely on the opinions and satisfaction of others.  Our success is the result of the relationships we create with our clients and our ability to tell their unique stories.  We look forward to telling your story!

About Us

Don Samples


Don is not the product of formalized training – rather, a result of passion and determination.  He’s been a creative person all of his life and from an early age he knew he wanted to spend his life creating art.  Since Don started Midnight Magic Studios back in 2001, he made it his priority to always put the focus on the bride.  Don not only works with the bride, he gets to know them on a personal level.  In fact, he is still in touch and friends with a great many of his past brides.


His shooting style is highly unobtrusive and candid. He doesn’t get in the way and he won’t  direct your day, but rather watch it unfold and capture it as it happens.  A wedding day has enough drama, humor and romance by itself, the last thing Don wants to do is add stress to it by always being in the way or asking you to do a lot of silly things.


Don loves what he does and wants that to show through in his films.  Contact Don today to see how he can capture your wedding day or any special event in a way that will make it your favorite film of all time.

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