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Customizable Video Packages



You can add of these options to any film package or use them to create your own personalized package


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Love Story Documentary


Tell YOUR Love Story In An Interview Process of up to 4 hours of footage edited to approximately 20 minutes,  it’s always a hit. Plus, if your guest might have to wait a bit at the reception for you and your groom to arrive, this is a great way to entertain them.


Memorable Interviews with Family & Friends: (The Most Popular Add On)


This is NOT your traditional interview you may have seen before. We conduct interviews of family, friends & guest Our questions are different and catch everyone off guard. Couples who choose this option always come back and tell us this is their favorite part of their film


Photo Montage


We all have seen these, photos of the two of you growing up set to beautiful music.  We can do that and more.  We can make it as heart tugging as you want or we can make it fun and exciting.  Also, if you’re guest might be waiting for a bit at the reception while your getting your post ceremony pictures, this is a great way to entertain them while they way.


Wedding Day Photos


You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on your wedding day pictures, why just keep them in an album on the table?  We can take your photos and create a slide show right on your DVD or Blu-Ray that you can play on your big screen anytime you want.  What an amazing way to show your photos to your friends and family all at once.


Honeymoon Montage


You’re going to take a ton of photos and video on your honeymoon, right?  Bring it to us and we will incorporate it into your finished DVD. We can make a slide show of your photos or we can edit all that video you took into something that will help you remember all those great time you had on your honeymoon. Plus, we will even help you with professional tips and trick to make your video look and sound even better.


Bridal Party Cam (EXCLUSIVE)


This is a Midnight Magic Exclusive. We give small, hand held, camcorders to one of your bridesmaids and one of your groomsmen and tell them to “Shoot whatever you want.”.  It’s great “Behind The Scenes” footage that we incorporate into the final film.  Capture that final night with your friends, get those fun moments that morning when all the fun starts.


Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner Coverage


We attend all rehearsal at no charge as part of every package, but with this Add On, we will also capture your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  Part of this is also capturing on film all the funny stories your friends and family will tell.  This is also a great family history item as your rehearsal dinner will be the ONLY time you get BOTH sides of the families in one place at one time.  This moment will NEVER happen again!


Save The Date Video


Everyone does “Save The Date” cards.  They usually end up on the refrigerator door for a while with all the others, why not make them set up and take notice?  The Save The Date video is a custom designed way to let your friends and family to know to save that date.  You can be as creative as you want, reenact the way you met, make an EPIC movie trailer with the booming voice over, tell a story, you decide.  Think outside the box. You can email your video, send out DVD’s or whatever way you want.  I promise you, they will remember getting this Save The Date.


Bridal Portrait Film


We make you a Fashion Super Star for a day!  We capture you in your wedding dress and with the use of music and some special film effects we make you Super Model.  This is also a great way to introduce you to your guest at the wedding ceremony.


Words Of Advice


Everyone needs a little bit of advice every now and then, this add on will allow you to get that advice whenever you REALLY need it.  We ask everyone in your wedding party and your family for that one piece of advice to make you marriage special and how make it stand the test of time.  Some of the advice is spot on, some of the advice is funny, but it’s all from the heart.


Pre Wedding Parties or Celebrations


Bridal Showers, Bridal Luncheons, Special Family moments; all these and more are part of your wedding celebration why not capture them?  We are able to capture all the fun on film and include it on your DVD or Blu-Ray


We are also available for travel across the US or International locations including islands or cruises.


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