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Everyone has questions about wedding films (videography).  Most people have never had to hire a videographer before so they are not sure what to expect or what questions to ask.  Here are a few common questions and some answerst to help out.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will be more then glad to help out.


Why hire a professional videographer?


Let's look at it this way; you're going to spend countless hours planning your wedding.  You are going to ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is going to be perfect.  You are going to spend a lot of money for this one day on things like flowers, food, dresses, favors, decorations, cake, venue, etc.  The onle thing no one will tell you is at the end of your wedding, all of those things are GONE!!!  That's right, gone.  All you have left at the end of it all is MEMORIES.


Professional videography preserves all the memories of your wedding day. All the sights, sounds &  feelings.Did you know you will never see yourself walk down the asile?  You will never see your bridesmaids walk up that asile.  Most of all, you will never see your grooms face the first time he sees you in that dress.  It's a once in a lifetime moment.   The question isn't "What do you want to remember from your wedding day?". It should be "What do you want to never forget?".  A wedding video will never let you froget the most magical day in your life.

Will I get to hear the vows?


YES, we use professional wireless microphones.  We place one microphone on your groom and another on the misnster.  Why do we use two?  Two reasons; one we always have a back up.  If one microphone goes out, the other one will still capture the sound.  Two, when the two of you are wispering to each other, we can capture that as well.  Our microphones ONLY go to our cameras and I'm the only one who hears what you say to each other.  Well, me and God and I'm not telling anyone what I hear.


Will you work well with our photographer?


We see your still photographer as our friend. In fact, many photographers refer and recommend us. We are very conscious of what your photographer is doing, and we stay out of the way and allow them to do what they do. Additionally, at the reception, our low-intensity light is actually of significant benefit. It is not too bright to wash out their picture....and we are very aware of shooting in the same direction in order to stay out of the shot and allow our light to be of benefit. Our low-intensity light will actually allow your photographer to get a few more candid shots at your reception than they otherwise might be able to get. Our goal is to capture your wedding day, and do that working in a very professional manor with all your wedding vendors.


Do you choose the music or can I have the music I want?


The answer to both questions is YES.  That sounds confusing I know, but here's the short answer; we allow you to choose the music that means the most to you. Sometimes we get asked to pick the songs we feel works best in the finished film.  We will work with you no matter if you pick the song or if we choose the song.


I don't want you to get in the way of the day, how do you make sure this doesn't happen?


Our motto is "We capture your day without getting in the way."  I have actually booked a wedding for a cousin of a former bride.  The cousin didn't even know we were there, eventhough she was a bridesmaid. I have worked with my staff to first off make sure they do not intrupt your day.  We will never pose you or stage a shot.  We want your day to unforld as it happens.  Think of us as "Flies on the Wall".  A lot of times at the end of the night our brides will say to us; "Where have you been?  I haven't seen you all day.  Did you get anything on video?"  We love to hear brides say that.  It means we did our job.


How long will it take to get the video?


We will never rush through editing a wedding video.  Our job is to tell the story of your wedding day and that story takes time to put together.  Depending on when you get married it could take from 2 to 6 months to get your finished video back.  Why so long?  Simple, we go over every detail of your wedding video to make sure what we deliver to you is the best.  For every hour of footage we capture of your wedding, it takes us 8 to 12 hours to edit.


How long will the finished video be?


We don't know.  Pretty blount and to the point, but we really don't know.  The way your day unfolds will determin how long your wedding video will be, the length of the ceremony, the amount of pre ceremony time we spend with you, are just two factors that go into the lenght of your finished video. We have had some videos as short at 45 minutes and some as long as 4+ hours,  on average they are about an hour and fifteen minutes long.


I found someone to video my wedding for $500, can you match that price?


No, I can't.  Besides, do you really want a $500 wedding video?  Think of it this way; what kind of car could you get for $500?  What kind of apartment could you get for $500 a month?  Not a very good on in either case.  The old saying hold true when it comes to wedding video: you get what you pay for.


My uncle has a video camera, we're just going to have him video tape it, it'll be just as good.


Have you ever heard someone say "We had a video made of our wedding and we've only watched it once, I don't think we will watch it anytime soon.".  There's a reason for that; they had a friend or relative do the video.  They will be in the back of the church so you won't see yourself during the ceremony, they don't have wireless microphones so you won't hear any of the vows and most likely they will miss all the fun and importnat moments because they were off chatting with an old friend or a great aunt they haven't seen in years.  Our brides tell us they watch their video at least two or three times a year.  Yea, it's that good.


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